Artist Title Label Role
Rural France ‘Two Drink Maximum’ – album Half a Cow Producer/Engineer/Mix
Nick Parker ‘Bestavenya’ – album Producer/Engineer/Mix/Performer
Ushti Baba ‘A Class Issue’ – EP Producer/Engineer/Mix
Samuel Jack Tracks Landon Records Engineer
The Pineapple Thief ‘Your Wilderness’ – album Kscope Contributing Engineer
CrabbMan Forthcoming album Mix
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion ‘Dick E Mozart’ – EP Too Pure Contributing Engineer
Presents for Sally ‘Colours & Changes’ – album Saint Marie Records Contributing Engineer
Nick Parker ‘Angry Pork…’ – album Tonetoaster Producer/Engineer/Mix
Mary Spender Tracks Producer/Engineer
Dai-Nichi ‘Attention’ – album The Design Label Engineer/Mix
Another Poe Tracks Producer/Engineer/Mix
Twin Falls ‘Slow Numb’ – album Cowshed Producer/Engineer/Mix/Performer
Ryan Butterworth Forthcoming EP Engineer
Design Forthcoming album The Design Label Producer/Engineer/Mix/Performer
Twin Falls ‘May All Your Dreams…’ – album The Loud Cloud Producer/Engineer/Mix/Performer
Funke and The Two Tone Baby Tracks Engineer/Mix
Red Sun ‘Psychedelic Battles Vol 4’ – EP Vincebus Eruptum Engineer/Mix
Mooneater ‘Underwater Space Jank’ – EP Engineer/Mix
ZZ Birmingham ‘Kozmik’ – album Producer/Engineer/Mix/Performer
Mr G and Rich ‘Terminal Window’ – album Punk Elvis Engineer/Mix